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Experienced Makeup Artistry for over 10 years

About Aurora and her Love for makeup...

★ Aurora began her career in makeup by working closely with event coordinators, photographers, stylists and fashion designers since the age of 18. ★

★ Almost anyone who has met her would say that Aurora's style is definitely her own; adding elegance, glamour and flare to any face that is willing to give trust to her hand in creativity.  Having worked closely with many successful fashion designers, Aurora is very comfortable in a photoshoot or runway setting.  Weddings and independent photoshoots are a huge honor to be a part of and definitely a highlight of her career. ★

★ With having a background in photography, Aurora is able to accent and contour the face in order to enhance the client's features best suited for studio and natural lighting.  With knowledge of camera angles and what positions flatter a client the best, Aurora is also the perfect assistant on set to help with positioning while staying available for periodic touchups throughout the shoot. (additional pricing may apply) ★

★ Please contact me with a description of the services you are in need of; such as how many looks, amount of time services will be needed, if the look will be dramatic or natural, avant-garde, if you have a history of acne, skin-allergies or sensitivity, etc.  If you need guidance or you're not sure what looks you are going for, I am able to work through your ideas with you! ★

★ Aurora Love & her team are flexible and willing to work with most budgets, depending on the vision. Please remember, we are artists, and with us working together, we can create something beautiful. ★ 

What to expect...

Celebrity Treatment

Every client that entrusts Aurora & her team will receive nothing but the best treatment, and leave the chair feeling renewed, refreshed, and beautiful in their own skin! Our mission is to enhance the client's favorite features, not to distract.

Competitive Pricing for the Highest Quality

We want you to be completely happy with our business during your appointment and also with your finished look! Our goal is to provide a fun environment while helping you look fabulous for your special event. 

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previous clients

★★★ Aurora Love has worked with ★★★

Jason Christopher Peters
Fashion Show
Makeup Artist
Fashion Designer
Aurora Love

San Francisco Fashion Week 2008
Sacramento Fashion Week 2009, 2012 & 2019
Launch Music Festival 2012 - Fashion/Art/Music Festival in Sacramento, CA
Meikee Magnetic - SF Fashion show coordinator/producer
Emily Payne - Fashion Designer - Project Runway Allstar
Alexandria Von Brommson - Fashion Designer - Project Runway Allstar

LeatherTongue - Fashion Designer

DevonRose - Fashion Designer
Lance Victor Moore - Fashion Designer
A Line Called K - Fashion Designer

Kittinhawk - Fashion Designer
Invisible Heroes Industries - Fashion Designer
Nika Tang - Fashion Designer
Plume - Fashion Designer
Miss Velvet Cream - Fashion Designer

Blue Moon Inspired - Fashion Designer
Jason Christopher Peters - Fashion Designer
Lucio Montana - Fashion Designer

Seemless - Fashion Designer

Dazzledusts - Makeup Line
Pop-Cap Jewelry -  Jewelry line
Five & Diamond - Clothing Company

Freestyle - Clothing Company
Racks - Clothing Company
Tom Hymn - Photographer
Jonathan Saunders - Photographer
Thomas Dodson - Stylist/Photographer
Diana Azalea Jeanette - Stylist/Photographer
Chuck Schoenberger - Photographer
Chuck Revel - Photographer
Ken Goto - Photographer
Ryan Flynn - Photographer
Daniel Dare - Photographer
Jesse Alford - Photographer
Nicholas Avey - Photographer
Goodlux - Photographer
CK2 - Photographer
Robert Fishback - Photographer
JDEW - Photographer
Risque Factor - Photographer
Pooya Salehyar - Photographer
Drop Kick - Photographer
OnePhotoStudio.Com - Photography Studio [models & photographers]  
...and many more...

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